Gorget, "Bannerstone",Slate,Native American,Rare,Ohio

I have had this Bannerstone, "Gorget", in my collection for some years.Originally this Gorget came out of the Ralph W. Burnworth's artifact collection. It was found in Stark Co. OH in 2 pieces 1/2 mile apart,9 months between finds.It measures 3 3/8 in. high, by 5 in. wide approx.It had been mounted and t is some glue residue on the back side.Details on this Bannerstone are from the personal records of Mr.Burnworth.This is what you would call a Butterfly Bannerstone,I believe the stone is a Banded Slate. "Gorget".T is two holes that the Indians had drilled in the stone, I believe this was to enable them to wear it around their neck.This decorative butterfly shaped stone is very unique and rare.Good Luck Bidding.

I have been told by another ebayer that what I possibly have is a Winged Bannerstone (attle) weight that is extremely rare.The holes may have been repair holes made by indians to tye both pieces together and salvage an important tool.This collector ebayer said that he has been collecting more than 30 years.I am not an expert in this area, those of you in the ebay community have far more knowledge than I like this gentleman.