I inherited this Sterling Silver Flatware from my mom, who inherited it from my Grandmother and her sister. Because this set has been combined, it consist of 2 patterns, Gorham "Chantilly" (mostly old mark, Pat. 1895) and R.W.S. Co. Mount Vernon Corinthian pattern, (Pat 1891). Two large Chantilly serving pieces are included as well as 7 unique spoons (various companies and patterns), and 7 collectible antique "state" spoons. T are 68 total pieces of Sterling Silver

Gorham Chantilly, and RWS Corinthian patterns, are very similar in feel and style, and will combine to set a beautiful table for you just as they have for our family over the years. And, since Gorham Chantilly is still widely available, you can add to your silver flatware set easily, a few pieces at a time.

This is a very old flatware set. I know that some of it dates back to the 1900's (one of the "misc." spoons says "Christmas 1906". It has been used and enjoyed many times, and although it is in good condition, little scratches, minor dings and blemishes, can be seen on some of the pieces. I do not see any black pits, or rust or anything like that. It is still very beautiful, and you can tell that it has been loved and cared for over the years.

I am not a silver expert, but I seem to recall in the 1960's, that mom had the blades on the knives
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