Gorilla Strength 7-716lb Resistance Band Home Gym BEAST KIT Strength & Size

Gorilla Strength Resistance Bands


You are looking at the biggest, baddest, and the best resistance band home gym on the market. We don't sell $20.00 kits. Our kits are made from the highest quality materials available for people that are serious about their fitness. The materials include dipped layered latex, high quality heavy duty metal connectors, durable heavy duty nylon. Take a look at a couple of videos done by a PRO MMA athlete, and a STAY AT HOME MOM. These are 2 very different people that have one thing in common. They take fitness seriously.

So as you can see our kits are for everyone from the stay at home mom to the toughest athletes on the planet. Our kits can build strength, build muscle mass, incinerate fat, strengthen your core, develop your abs, build endurance, and get you lean and fit in no time. If you are dedicated to your fitness program Gorilla Strength Bands will take you where you want to go.

8 handles make setting up multiple stations at once a breeze and with 716lbs of resistance more than one person can use these at the same time.

Gorilla Strength Bands have a LIFETIME WARRANTY


4) orange bands (40lbs)

4) black bands (30lbs)

2) blue bands (20lbs)

2) red bands (12lbs)

2) green bands
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