Gossips Home-Bred Cloth Dolls by Linda Gill 1998

These two ladies have a whole lot to talk about, and probably want to do it behind your back! They stand 17" tall and the base that they are attached to measures 14" X 6". The faces and hands are made from some kind of bready clay, a recipe that I've learned from Linda Gill's website is her own creation. The details on the faces are amazing, as are the accessories that the women have on, and with, their clothes. The woman on the right has a lovely blue scarf holding up her blond hair. She also has white buttons that fall unevenly on the front of her dress. Being that she is a seamstress she holds an appliqued heart with the words "My (heart) is yours" stitched around the heart. She has a needle with a red thread stuck into the bodice of her dress. She wears a white apron that has caught two spools of thread in a fold. The lady on the left is wearing a long blue skirt with a white long sleeved blouse. She has a ribbon rose "clipped" to her brown hair. She is holding a piece of red cloth and she has three safety pins attached to her dotted swiss blouse. Sadly, it looks like the tip of one of her fingers may have broken off but that is the only problem that I can see with either of the dolls. The board is signed by L. Gill and she has also printed Home-Bred Folk on the board. Under the board is the date 1998.
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