Gothic JERUSALEM Bethlehem SILVER CROSS Pin Pendant

Feast your eyes on this beauty...This is a Massive silver Jerusalem cross from Bethlehem/Holy Land. An amazing piece. I suspect it is quite old and possibly antique. It comes from my own collection of vintage crosses. It has a dark green faceted glass (tourmaline or peridot) center stone. The stone has a few surface scratches but not at all detracting. Cross has a gold wash over the silver. It is in very nice condition. I have not cleaned it, as I prefer the dark patina to remain. But if you wanted it to shine, it most certainly would sparkle. It is marked, "Bethlehem Silver" on the back. Pin also has a jump ring at the top so that it can be worn as a pendant.

Measures about 2.5" wide x 2.5" long. Offered at a low starting bid without reserve.

***** The Jerusalem cross was the emblem of Templar Crusaders, and may have been the personal arms of Templar Godfrey de Bouillon. The Jerusalem cross has four arms at equal distances, symbolizing the four directions, and the belief that Jerusalem was the spiritual center of the earth.

The more complex version of the symbol below represented the spread of Christ's message through the four evangelists (Mathew, mark, Luke, and John), who are represented by the four additional "crosslet."