Up for auction is a Gottlieb Jumping Jack Pinball machine. I am considering this as a partial project game as it will reset and play fine but once in a while it wants to add an additional 500 points and sometimes several scores of 500 points in a row. If I reset the game it will play fine and unpredictably do it again. Please look at photos as they show the details of the game and please ask question if you have any before bidding.

I will be listing several Gottlieb games soon and I will have them for sale locally as well. I reserve the right to end an auction early if I get an offer equal to the "buy it now". The games I will be listing are Jumping Jack (project), Jungle Princess (project), Fire Queen (project), El Dorado, Playmates, Aquarius and Buccaneer. I will consider selling games as a package as well but please contact me via email if interested in doing so.

These games are sold with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. I am selling these games as I describe them and as is. I will be glad to offer technical assistance via email or telephone if a problem should arise. I prefer these games to be picked up by the buyers but I will allow a shipping company to pick them up if arranged by the buyer. All costs of shipping, packing, crating, insurance, etc are the sole responsibilty of the buyers. I will
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