Gottlieb Mars God of War Poster From Python Anghelo Estate/Private Collection.

Original Poster Signed by Artist This is an original promotional poster for the Gottlieb Mars-God of War Pinball. Signed by Game Artist David Moore! From the Estate of Python Anghelo.
This original poster is in fair condition. It has some creases and minor tears. Most of the flaws are around the edges. The poster is not what would be called "smooth" but it would still present well in a frame. See photo's for condition.
David Moore was a favorite artist of Python's.
Measures approx. 22 x 28".
Comes with a certificate of Authenticity from the Estate
In order to assist in the settlement of the Python Anghelo estate we have been authorized to offer items from his personal collection. These items contain work within the gaming industry and some of his body of work outside the industry. The collection includes original artwork (of many genres), prints, original pinball prints, original video game prints, original concept drawings, original concept sketches along with other items from the collection.
Most of these items are one of a kind and show the range of brilliance and talent which the world lost on April 9, 2014. Python Anghelo was a true one of a kind, his memory and legacy lives on with his body of work.
Those who are lucky to purchase his original works are not only getting a piece of his art they are
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