GOTZ vinyl Artist Doll Lifelike *JANICKE* by SISSEL SKILLE

Janicke has strawberry blonde hair, and a happy, animated face, very dark blue eyes with long eyelashes. She is around 26 inches in height and is by the designer Sissel Skille for Gotz. If I am to nitpick, she has a slight silvery rub line along 1 cheek - please see 2nd photo which I have brightened to show at its worst, as it's only noticeable under very close scrutiny. I have also undone 1 of her plaits on this photo as I felt it would show off her lovely hair better. Smokefree home. Very reluctant sale on account of a desperate need for space. Auction is for janicke only. 3 day listing , had to increase postage a little as I have been charged more than estimated at PO recently, and subsidised the cost. May be willing to post to France, Ireland ,Germany etc. but I am sure that the postage will cost more than £25 GBP. Please message me in advance as your bid may not be accepted. Thankyou.

Janicke has the inscription 394/400 2004 marked on the doe suede front of her waist. Presumably she is number 394 of a limited edition of 400 dolls, from year 2004. Thankyou.