gourmet wizard food preparation system

18 Piece Gourmet Wizard Food Preparation System

This set comes in new condition.

It's like your own personal sous chef. A quick press and the Gourmet Wizard juliennes vegetables, mashes potatoes, makes chips, presses meat patties, extracts juices, and more! An essential multi-tasker for your kitchen, this comprehensive system also includes attachments for coring, mincing, slicing, and dicing.

Measures approximately 11"H x 10"W x 9"W.


1 measuring bowl 1 juicing plate 1 citrus dome 1 vegetable chipper/dicer blade 1 vegetable chipper/dicer plate 1 vegetable slice plate 1 vegetable slice blade 1 divider/corer plate 1 divider/corer blade 1 vegetable/fruit quadrant blade 1 julienne plate 1 julienne blade 1 multi-press plate 1 fine coarse ricer 1 coarse ricer 1 patty press 1 extruder with nozzle 1 large, open-end funnel 1 small, open-end funnel 1 main body