GoWear Fit Armband Monitor and Wrist Display

This is a gently used GoWear Fit armband system. I used it a few months before I failed at consistency with using it. A subscription to is necessary to activate the monitoring and data collection.

This listing also includes an up-to-the-minute display (to be worn on the wrist or clipped to clothing) on which you can see your data throughout the day (versus logging onto to see the data). The wrist display is a convenient way to see your calories burned, steps taken, and physical activity duration. Some listings do not include the wrist display, so read carefully if you want one. ($150 brand new for entire set)

Shipment includes:

*Armband data unit

*Armband strap

*Activity display piece, to be mounted on either the display watchband or display clothing clip (both included)

*USB Cord

*User guides for both the Armband and the Display piece