GPM HPI Nitro Savage X 4.6 Titanium hinge pin set (12) TSAV1101

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TITANIUM HINGE PIN SET (12) total wt only 40g which is less then half of the stock pin. Titanium Hinge Pin set for the HPI Nitro Savage The hinge pins connect the suspension arms to the bulkheads and hub carriers. Titanium construction. black e-clips. (4) 4mm x 78mm hinge pins (TSAV110178) (this will work with Stock and GPM Skid Plate) (4) 4mm x 62mm hinge pins (TSAV110162) (4) 4mm X 46mm hinge pins (TSAV110146) (16) e-clips (E3) can use any 3mm Clips (HPIZ243)
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