Stunning, Graceful Hopi Butterfly Kachina

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Stunning, Graceful Hopi Butterfly Kachina Great Detail, Carving, Painting!
Stunning, Graceful Hopi Butterfly Kachina
MINT Condition - GEORGE SILAS, Carver
12-1/4 inches High (incl. 1-inch base)
++ Measurements are approximate ++
This carving is simply beautiful. The the carving is precise and well-proportioned, the details exquisite, and the painting is colorful without being over the top. Highlights include the careful carving of the figure's hair and delicate turquoise necklace. The butterfly's shawl reveals beautiful wood grain, and her skirt is gently swirled to show life and movement and grace. The real delight, however, is the artist's extraordinary representation of a monarch butterfly's wings!
The carving stands a total of 12-1/2 inches high, including the 1-inch base and the butterfly "feelers" at the top. The circumference of the base is roughly ​ 3-1/2 inches in diameter. The figure measures 5-1/2 inches from front to back (including wings), and 3-1/2 inches wide, at the base.
This is not a one-piece carving, but the carving detail, painting, proportions, and authenticity make this an exceptional value and a real conversation piece! What a great gift idea for your stylish, elegant lady !
I am downsizing my collection.
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