Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Advanced BJJ DVD

This is a used original DVD set in excellent condition.
The Official Gracie Barra Advanced Curriculum was developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr and has been taught on all Gracie Barra Premium Schools worldwide!
The proven Gracie Barra advanced curriculum is now available on DVD for you to study on your own! This is the system developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. that is being taught in Gracie Barra schools all around the world. By studying and practicing these techniques as taught by Marcio Feitosa, you will develop a well-rounded understanding of BJJ including takedowns, back control, closed guard, open guard, half guard, guard passes, mount, side mount, turtle position, grip fighting, and more.
Two Discs Set, Weeks 1-16. All techniques on Volume 01 are demonstrated by multiple time world champion and Gracie Barra Head Instructor, Professor Marcio Feitosa!
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English Length: 288 min.
Other info: All region DVD