Grady a Large One-of-a-Kind Teddy Bear by Kelly Dean&Co - Mole Island Bears

by Kelly Dean - Mole Island Bears

One-of-a-Kind now available for your bid!

Grady is a traditional 5-way jointed teddy bear constructed out of vintage shaded Tissavel faux fur imported from France. Tissavel is widely accepted as the top manufacturer of faux fur for the high end market. It often retails for more money per yard than mohair.

‘Shaded Tissavel" means that the coloration of the fur was printed by the manufacturer then it was carefully cut by the artist and matched to make Grady and give him that distinguished look.

He has a leather nose and top-appliqued trapunto leather paw pads.

Grady has leather eyelids over vintage glass taxidermy eyes and
just a little additional airbrushed shading on his muzzle.

He wears a vintage cotton man's collar.

Kelly Dean & Company treasured collectible!

When you sit this big bear at the dining room table, you know that he has dressed for dinner! He's a big boy...Measuring 24" long and filled with Poly-fil and plastic pellets. H e weighs 9 pounds!

Original price and Ken Yenke's Appraised price $750.00

Shipping rates vary to your location.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to own an original,
One-of-a-Kind piece of art from
Master Bearsmith and Artist, Kelly Dean
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