GrandFather Clock - King Arthur Clock Company, Oak

This is an absolutely gorgeous solid oak grand father clock. This is quite a piece of furniture. I love it but the wife says we dont have room. I got it from a relative. It was made by the king Arthur Clock Company. in the USA. Its been to Germany and back. I was told it was purchased in Germany for $1500.00 over 20 years ago. It has the moon phases as well as westminster chimes. It stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and the finish is beautiful. I have not noticed any scratches but wont swear t are none. As pretty as it is, it does need 3 things . First the numeral 1 at the twelve oclock position needs a small piece of 2 sided tape or something to hold it in place. I put it back on with a piece of rolled up scotch tape, the second thing it needs is the movement needs a good cleaning and lube as it runs for a few minutes then slows to a stop. I think this is a common problem with these and may be no problem at all if you know how or what to use. (I dont and dont want to do the wrong thing and gum it up) the third thing is just the screw on nut hook on one of the weights is broken and should be replaced , you can find them on ebay I am sure. I just attached the chain under the nut section of the hook as you may see in one of the photos or email me and I will send you a photo large enough to see it. T are some scratches on the pendulum. I ... read more