Grandpa's 1907 Tricycle~Iron Batwing Fender &Two Wheels

All that's left of my grandpa's tricycle when he was a little boy about 1907 or so. One hundred years ago!! All the pieces seem to be cast iron and except for the rust, really good shape. Not crumbling or cracked, still very strong. The back fender (w a little passenger could stand) is the old Art Deco BatWing style with high sides and is scooped out. The two wheels are really neat, but as you can see, one is in much better condition than the other.

The back fender measures 15" across, 5" tall, and 8" deep. If you look closely you can see the raised Art Deco sweeping design. It is on both sides and the three raised groves on the step part of the fender.

The wheels are 8" across and about 2 1/2" thick in the center hubs. Of course one wheel will be slightly smaller than the other as you can see in the pictures. The best wheel still has the grooves w the rubber tire was attached.

These would look great as a wall display in a boys room or maybe the den. It would be easy to make the back fender into a shelf too!!

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