Grant Morrison - New X Men - issues 118 to 154 plus 2001 Annual

This auction is for the issues of Grant Morrison's - New X Men - issues 118 to 154 plus 2001 Annual

New X-Men was an American comic book ongoing series , written by Grant Morrison and featuring the mutant superhero team, the X-Men . It was a retitling of the ongoing then-second volume of the main X-Men series, and shares the series' numbering, as opposed to creating a different ongoing series with a new number one issue. During a revamp of the entire X-Men franchise, newly appointed Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada spoke of his idea for flagship titles like X-Men to regain some of their "former glory," as well as regaining critical acclaim. [1 ]

To that end, Quesada recruited counterculture spokesperson and subversive writer Grant Morrison, at that point best known for his high profile works at DC Comics , both in the Vertigo imprint of mature titles in The Invisibles , as well as a long run in the DC Universe with the company's premiere super hero team, the Justice League of America in the JLA title.

"Imperial " (#118-126, illustrated by Igor Kordey , Quitely, and Ethan Van Sciver ) - Delving deeper into the motivations of Cassandra Nova, this story further fleshed out the makeup of the Xavier Institute's student body by introducing new students such as Angel Salvadore and Beak , as well as giving a more
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