Grassland Craters GC01 - Warhammer 40k Handmade Terrain - By Darkforge Designs

Welcome to Darkforge Designs!

We specialize in handrafted, one-of-a-kind terrain pieces for 28mm scale wargames, most notably Games Workshop ® 's Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar tabletop games. Our terrain is of course not only limited to these game systems and could fit into others as well! Scroll down for more details!


Who I am

I am currently a college student at Michigan State University, going on to my Junior Year pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. I have been in the hobby of miniature wargaming for almost an entire decade, starting up playing 40k when I was just in the 4th grade!

One of the aspects of the miniature wargaming hobby I like the most was scenery building, and over the years I have perfected my craft by not only emulating the methods I have seen of some of Games Workshop's most talented scenery builders, but also experimenting and finding out new ways to make use of common ordinary materials in order to create terrain that stands out.

When I am coming up with ideas for what I want to create, my main inspiration comes from natural landscapes, but I also use my imagination to add a twist. When combining these in conjunction with each other, it allows me to create something not only realistic but also unique.

Now that I am away at university I do not have as much
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