GRATEFUL DEAD 1970 Opening of The Warehouse 7-disc set

This is the complete Opening of The Warehouse 7-disc series.
On Friday, January 30th, 1970, a new rock music venue, The Warehouse, opened its doors in New Orleans for the first time, with the Flock, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, and the Grateful Dead headlining. Admission was $4.50 in advance, $5.00 at the door. You could get in for free if you brought a scrap of carpet.
Discs 1 and 2 are the Dead's opening night performance, destined to be the last show with Tom Constanten on keyboards. Nineteen people, including the Dead (other than Constanten and Pigpen), would be busted on Bourbon Street at the Marie Antoinette Hotel in the French Quarter after the show that night. It was the last night of the Dead's pure, unspoiled hippie period.
The last part of Disc 2 is San Francisco avant-garde jazz/rock/blues band the Flock's raucous Saturday night performance, featuring Jerry Goodman on violin, later with Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Arrested at 3 am Saturday morning, the Dead spent the rest of the night in jail until bail was processed. Saturday night they played another show at The Warehouse. Half-way through, amid electrical problems, Phil Lesh's bass crapped out. The Dead, with their innovative sound technician, Owsley "Bear" Stanley, carried on with their first-ever, full-band acoustic set. Disc 3 is Saturday's electric
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