Grateful Dead - Can You Pass The Acid Test? 4CD

(Grateful Dead) Mickey & The Hartbeats 4CD Set (Hartbits1&2). The Heartbits Vol.1 2CD is recorded Live at The Matrix in San Francisco,CA on 10/30/68 and on 12/16/68. The Heartbits 2 is recorded Live at The Matrix on 10/16/68 and 10/30/68 on Discs 3 & 4. They called themselves "Mickey and the Hartbeats" or just "Hartbeats" and included Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, and Phil Lesh. There is no evidence that they ever recorded in studio and only performed seven times in late 1968 and always at The Matrix coffeehouse in San Francisco.

Song List:

"Heartbits 1"

Disc One: (10/30/68)

1. Dark Star

2. Death Letter Blues

3. Turn On Your Lovelight

4. The Other One

5. The Eleven

6. Death Don't Have No Mercy

Disc Two: (12/16/68)

1. Jam/

Dark Star/

China Cat

2. Hartbeat Blues

3. Last jam

"Heartbits 2"

Disc One :

1. Intrepid Trips

2. Bishop's Blues

3. Prisoner Blues

4. Magic Matrix Jam

5. Dark Star

Disc Two:

1. Can You Pass The Acid Test?