Grateful Dead Shirt T Shirt 1995 Summer Tour Grateful Jester 30 Tie Dye Large L

Grateful Dead Shirt : Summer Tour 1995 ! : Grateful Jester !!! : 30th Anniversary Tour ! : Last & Final Grateful Dead Tour ! : Tie Dye : Lot Tee : Large ( L ) : Very-Rare !!!!! The Amazing ! & Classic!! Grateful Dead 1995 Summer Tour ( 30th Anniversary Tour & Last/Final Tour ) Grateful Jester ! Shirt featuring Complete List of '95 Summer Tour Cities !!!!!
Grateful Dead Fans!!! Were you one of the fortunate-ones who was lucky enough to see The Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia's 30th Anniversary & Final/Last 1995 Summer Tour? The 30th Anniversary Tour!!! 30-Years upon my head... Did you get your sacred Tour Shirt 20-Years Ago, or did you perhaps miss your chance back then?... Whoa! as doesn't time fly. For me, walking into Portland Meadows to see Chuck Berry! open-up for the Boys - seems like yesterday!?! Well... Hey Now!, this is indeed your (very!) lucky day - because what we have here is the "Ultimate 2nd Chance Offer" -- a chance for you to erase that mistake for good, and get your 1995 Grateful Dead Summer Tour Shirt! A pretty unbelievable Dead Fan opportunity, wouldn't you say? The Classic!! Dead Fan 'Must-Have' Lot Tee from the 1995 Summer Tour!!! This is a super-duper Colorful, Awesome & Rare! 'Size Large' Shirt here - the "Grateful-Jester!" version... now 20-Years old! I am sure you will recognize
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