Grateful Dead Wall of Sound speaker Cabinet 10in Gauss

Welcome to my auction. I am Simon Babbs, son of Ken Babbs the intrepid traveler who traveled on the bus with Ken Kesey to the acid tests w Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead started playing. Item up for bidding is one Ultra sound Wall of Sound era cabinet. I got this years ago from Ramrod's kid. It has a Gauss ten inch speaker in it. The speaker has been reconned and works, but the rim of the speaker is bent a little and when you crank it done in the cabinet the voice coil will rub. I left one of the holders off the cab and it doesn't rub as bad like this and works fine at loud volumes. At real low volume you can hear the voice coil rub. This was the original speaker in this cab when I got it. The high frequency driver I put in. Black plastic thing, works fine. T is a pot to control the highs to the driver. I think this cabinet was a keyboard monitor cab during the wall of sound days. It's a smaller cab and works good for listening to good ole grateful dead tunes through. It weights 50 pounds as is, so factor that into the shipping.