D. Gray-Man Death Note Code Geass Ouran Host SURPRISES

Item Description... A brand new anime surprise bag (size LARGE: doesn't mean that you will be getting something large, but it just means that you will be getting more items than the size small bag, which is available in a separate auction)
--The surprise bag is like a grab bag. We randomly give all sorts of items, including postcards, lami cards, trading cards, phone straps, mascots, posters, promo booklets, stationaries like clear files/ shitajiki, & etc. We can assure you that the items will be from D. Gray-Man, Death Note, Code Geass, Ouran Host Club.
--It's not guaranteed that you would be able to get the items that you want, but you may HINT what items you are interested in. Ultimately, please keep in mind that this is up to our discretion.
--We WON'T cheat anyone by putting in something wimpy. We MAKE SURE the worth of the contents in the surprise bag will exceed the price that you pay for the grab bag itself. For example, the postcards in our store usually range from $6.99 or above for EACH ONE. In the surprise bag, we will probably put 8 ~10 of these plus some other items. This is a way to help us to get rid of overstock and a cheap way for beginners to start their collection.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you plan to leave us negative feedback upon receiving something that you don't like, then please
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