Great Army Medical Department Book, COMBAT HAND SURGERY IN WWII, Wounds, Grenade

FULLY ILLUSTRATED & Detailed WW2 US Army Medical Dept. Book Series, COMBAT SURGERY IN WORLD WAR II, "HAND SURGERY", Includes Hand Grenade Wounds, Great Historical Military Medical Reference Source !!

DESCRIPTION: Super book on WWII Surgery and Surgical Procedures, specifically HAND SURGERY fully illustrated, in INCREDIBLE detail, COMPILED BY THE BEST SOURCE AVAILABLE ON THE SUBJECT, THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY. An absolutely great book on the subject, AS THOROUGH AS YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE.

Hardbound in a maroon buckram cover with gold printing and a nice large gold US ARMY insignia on the front.

Very cool information, and I can't imagine you could get it anywhere else in one volume. Useful and interesting for the WWII medical enthusiast, history buffs, and even doctors who might like to see medical procedures during that period for comparison to modern days.

Text includes detailed descriptions of various combat and other wounds and treatment procedures, on a variety of subjects as shown in the Table of Contents. INCLUDES TREATMENT OF A HAND GRENADE VICTIM. Fully illustrated, with hundreds of sketches and photos, as well as many related appendices, and great text, etc., etc.

Extremely interesting reading and the book goes into phenomenal technical and medical detail.

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