Great Britain. Guinea, 1665

Great Britain. Guinea, 1665. S-3342; Fr-287; KM-424.1. Charles II, 1660-1685. Third Laureate Bust. Laureate head right. Reverse: Crowned cruciform arms, with alternating scepters at angles, central interlocking C's. This wonderful and very special coin should be listed in the Wilson & Rasmussen Proofs book, for it is clearly out of the ordinary. Perhaps it is a Specimen strike, but unrecorded. Not only is this a very rare date, but it's also one of the finest known Charles II guineas of any style. Extremely rare, finely struck and prooflike, and of remarkable quality! Virtually as made, an awesome coin! NGC graded Specimen 62. . Even after the unremarkable interregnum of the Commonwealth, which lasted for 11 years, there were many Protestants in the country who were dismayed to see the throne revert back to the Catholic Stuarts. Undoubtedly some felt it was the just and divine wrath of God when in the fifth year of his reign Death, Black Death, came to stalk the streets of London. However, Black Death, or plague (most likely the bubonic variety), was no stranger to the city. It had been there before, on sporadic visits. The earliest, largest one of note was in 1258. Nearly a century later Black Death of holocaust proportions consumed Europe, stopping by England, and reaching London in November of 1348. On that occasion it is ... read more