Great Britain. Sixpence, 1854

Great Britain. Sixpence, 1854. S.3908; ESC-1700 (Rarity-2); KM-733.1. Victoria. Young head. Clashed dies. Two diebreaks near the obverse rim, and a faint `arc` of a diebreak through the queen`s hair. Lovely silvery gold or russet toning. Very sharp strike. Some ancient scuffs appear vertically on the reverse, toned over completely, and probably dating to the time of issue; sometimes such marks occurred when the just-struck coins slid down the metal chutes into bins, at the mint. This is surely among the finest extant copies of the very rare 1854 sixpence. 2005 Spink catalogue value is £1,000 in `Unc.` NGC graded MS-63.