Great collection of Action man bits and bobs

Here we have some action man bits and pieces. They are in used condition, however if they are of use to someone then all good.
Quite a few things, including...
Foldable stool Tent (no poles though) Stretcher or Camp bed (again, no poles) Sack for clothes etc 3 pairs flippers 3 berets webbing Map canister Bush hat Helmet(no strap) Detonator Grenades, mortars, hand guns, ammo pouches, A blooper, a browning (50 or 30 cal, not sure) and a GPMG A little case with a Luger, stock and extendable barrel, hinges broken unfortunately. And some binoculars and case so he can find the pub after a hard days fighting.
All the best and .
n.b I am afraid I am away with work quite a bit but will post the item as soon as I can. Apologies in advance,