Great CRANE FLY Inclusion in Genuine BALTIC AMBER + IMG

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About amber: Amber, as it has been attracting attention of people from remote times, is called Lithuanian gold. It is valued as a marvelous adornment because it reminds of warm sunshine. Ladies used to wear it with a great pleasure in ancient Rome and in the Medieval Ages in West Europe and Asia . Nowadays it is also fashionable and is being worn widely. Maybe because it is easy grind and polished nevertheless it as hard as a stone.

All amber we sell is Genuine, Authentic, and Natural Baltic Amber. It is not artificial, plastic, and synthetic, reconstituted or substitute for amber.

Description: Baltic amber stone with fossil insect - great looking Crane fly Limoniidae Tanysphyra meunieri.

If there is a wish I can send digital high resolution picture by e-mail for personal (not commercial) use.

Bigger stones can be made into pendants for free.

Magnifying boxes are available at the shop.

Size: It weighs 0.6 grams. Measurements of stone 16x16x4mm, length of insect body and head ~ 4.5mm, with wings 8.5mm.

Color: Honey

Location: All items are delivered from Lithuania .

Shipping: Delivery will be done immediately after payment arrived. It takes about 7-14 days to deliver from
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