GREAT DEAL! Lord of the Rings Aragorn Sword AND Narnia King Peter Sword

Hello everyone! Before you now are two swords for sale. One is a replica of High King Peter's sword from the Chronicles of Narnia. This is not an exact replica but is still a really nice sword. The blade does not have any of the etchings on it. This sword's blade is in High Carbon Steel and is really well made. I believe that the sword is Full Tang but i am not sure. Though it is not battle worthy it still feels really sturdy. I was quit impressed at the quality i was getting for the price. The sword also comes with a really nice scabbard which is made out of some sort leather/vinyl that is made to look like snake skin. I took it upon myself to polish this sword. I polished the blade some but i primarily worked on the handle guard. I polished it the best i could to make it much more shiny. I accidentally polished off most of the Gold that was on the two rings that are on the handle guard. It would not take much to repaint it. The sword blade's length is 27" and i think the hilt is somewhere around 8" long. If any of you are a Narnia fan or a fantasy fan like i am, then this sword is for you. It would go nicely in any sword collection.
The other one for sale is a replica of Aragorn's strider sword from Lord of the Rings. I do not think that Aragorn's sword is made of Carbon Steel. It could be a type of Stainless Steel.This sword
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