GREAT GATSBY 1sh 1949 misleading art of Alan Ladd in trench coat surrounded by sexy women!

An Original Vintage Theatrical Folded One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm])
The Great Gatsby, the 1949 Elliott Nugent romantic melodrama starring Alan Ladd, Betty Field, and Macdonald Carey (U.S.)
Condition: fair to good -- There is significant paper loss in the upper crossfold (affecting Ladd's fedora) and in the lower crossfold. There are tears of varying lengths along the foldlines and edges of the poster and there are large tears at upper center that have been repaired with tape from the back. Please see our super-sized image to get a good sense of the condition of this item prior to placing a bid and please do not bid unless you can accept the defects described above, or you are willing to pay to have them properly restored.