Hello, today I have a very "hard to find radio for you, the LOEWE OPTA APOLLO 'Hi-Fi' ". The Hi-Fi is the rare one of the Loewe Opta's Apollo Radio's. Have 3 speaker's, 2 side speaker's and one large front basse speaker. From the front panel you can spin the ferrite antenna inside. This is very important for a very good shortwave reception! This radio is realy in a SHOWROOM QUALITY, please: just look at my picture how shiny this radio realy is. You never will see again a perfekt finish like this. The orig inal grill cloth, dialglass, every knob, also every brass trim are shiny and like new. Just the brass panel around the front side of the case has some minor patina . Now I come thru chassis, and I'v e done everything to give you the next year's a troublefree feeling from a great time, I mean the good old time the time of 1950is. We changed the fillers, the wax, foil, paper capacitors, the tuning eye, bulbs etc... And now it work's perfectly on every band. Has AM, FM (87 to 100), SW I + II, and longwave. All band's are very powerful.

T is also a chance to conne ct a tape recorder and a record player, by the input stages. Also included in this AUCTION are 2 cable's to connect this radio to your CD, DVD and computer. So you can listening your own music in a very strong Hi-Fi Quality. This is a very attractive set!

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