Great Grandmothers Antique Vintage Centerpiece Bowl WOW

You are bidding on the most unusual boat-shaped glass centerpiece bowl I've ever seen. It was in with my Grandmother or Great Grandmother's estate items and it's gorgeous. If you have a mantle or want something spectacular in the center of your dining table, this auction is for you. It is very, very, heavy, and huge, measuring 16" from tip to tip and 5 1/2" across the widest part. The glass has a very slight yellow cast to it, but is not irridescentmore, it's clear. T are no chips, cracks or repairs. My pictures are terrible, so I gave you a bunch to view - hoping that you could make out the really ornate design. It's Venetian looking to me, but I'm totally ignorant when it comes to Antiques. On the very bottom, t is the number 15 stamped in the glass. I can't tell you much else, except that I have spent literally hours searching thru E-Bay, trying to find another bowl like this, and haven't been able to. It is just breathtaking and old. I accept PayPal, money order or check (held to clear the bank). Thanks for looking and good luck.