Great Handmade Silver Mntd Spurs,Mkr Mrkd No Reserve!

is a very nice pair of handmade spurs from well known bit and spur maker Coy Jetton. Coy has been building bits and spurs for decades. I noticed that in the last Western Horseman t was a storie about Wilson Capron who learned from Greg Darnell. They called Greg Darnell one of the most influental makers of our time. Coy was with Greg from the start and is one of the best makers you will ever find. Coy doesnt make any shows or try to gain fame. He has always been happy making a few pieces along and building the old fashion way forging each piece from scratch. His silver work can take several days just for the engraving. Look at the fine scroll work in this sterling silver. Coy trains and rides daily and knows how a bit should work and how a spur should fit and function. They have a 1 1/8" band with a 2 1/8" shank and a 1 3/8" 6 point hand cut hand filed rowel. This is a great set of very collectible and very hard to come by, Coy Jetton spurs selling with no reserve! Please email with any questions and check my other listings for more authentic handmade bits, spurs, saddles, and cowboy gear.