Great **Lionel** Train Set

You are bidding on a Lionel train set that is not assembled but is complete with everything but the board to put it on. It comes complete with track, engines,coal cars, cabooses, cars, light towers, multiple buildings, one tunnel, two bridges, railroad crossing signs, transformers, whistles and more.
This would be great to add to your collection or just to start up your first very own vintage Lionel train set.
is a list of everything that will be included in the train set as pictured:
Dates are BLT (built), First number is month and second number is year.
Three (3) Engines: #1655, 1684, and 8628
Three (3) Coal Cars , one is Missouri Kansas Texas Line
Three (3) Carrier Cars # 6112-86(2) Green BLT 1-93, Blue pre-dated and 9010 BLT 1-92
One (1) Oil Car #16119 BLT 1-92
One (1) Borden Automatic Milk Car #9220 BLT 1-83
One (1) K-Line car 64260 BLT 4-89(not Lionel)
One (1) Log Carrier #16664 BLT 1-93
Eight (8) Cabooses # 16537 BLT 1-92, 16521 BLT 1-89, 6059 (Plastic on short side or roof broken) no date, 6167 no date, 6057 no date, 6257 BLT 9-47 (2) one does not have number or date but on the underside it still has the Lionel symbol on the front and rear wheel hitches.
One Metal Tunnel,
One Plastic Bridge and one metal Bridge
Three Light Towers
Two Ringling Brothers Barnum
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