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Great looking original 1950s AMI WQ-200 wallbox
Item Description: Please feel free to text or call me anytime about this or any other game I have listed: John, . Description I don't know a lot about this wallbox. I do know that it looks really nice and is in pretty good condition. I have never hooked a wallbox up before, so I really can't tell you anything about that process or whether this one is 100% ready to be hooked up or not.

I think most people buy these for decoration and not to actually operate with a jukebox. And I know that this one is perfect for the purpose of decoration. It looks great!

This particular wallbox does not have the key, so you will have to drill the lock or find the key in order to take the cover off and monkey with it. Many wallboxes do not have the keys anymore. They may all use the same standard AMI key so it may be easy to find. Not sure. But you can always use the "Black and Decker" key as I call it....a drill.

This wallbox looks really good to me, but there may be some minor pitting in the chrome. I'm not an expert on these things....I'm a videogame seller primarily and they don't have chrome.

Anyway, the bottom line is that you should examine the photos above for
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