The Great Mouse Detective 1986 Original Animation Art Cel - Dawson with Hiram

The Great Mouse Detective Hand Painted Animation Cel - Dawson and Hiram Flaversham in their Dirigible.
I bought this animation cel of Dawson and Hiram in Disney's 1986 animated feature "The Great Mouse Detective" back in August of 1987 at Disneyland. How am I so sure, well I still have the original receipt...paid $185.50 back then.
I also have the two pieces Disney gave with the cel to put on the back of the frame...I never did attach The Great Mouse Detective card with some of the characters on it but I did attach the smaller piece that tells about the background for the cels and they are both in excellent condition. I also kept the xerox they had at the store "Disneyana" that showed customers what animation cels were available to buy. Those were the days...I don't think they sell original cels used in making the animated feature movies anymore at the store, but now is your chance to buy mine.
The last picture shows additional paperwork for 3 other cells I once owned and their cards and papers as well as the original framing receipts and 3 extra blank cards that you can type the information of other animation cels you may own. If you are interested in any of the additional paperwork, please contact me and we can discuss further. This additional paperwork is not part of this auction.
I'm selling this Dawson
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