Great Northern Ore Dock #3 166 Pocket Extension Allouez, WI Cabinet Photo 1906 1

You are bidding on an original, historical, cabinet photo of the 166 pocket extension to the Great Northern Allouez, Wisconsin Ore Dock #3 in 1906, in fair condition.
The overall size of the cabinet photo is about 11 7/8 X 9 7/8 inches, and the image size is about 9 1/2 X 7 3/8 inches. The photographer was Barry, and you can just make the name out on the left bottom side of the photo.
In the cabinet photo view, you can see the work being done to extend the original ore dock, built in 1902, undergoing a 166 ore pocket extension.
This ore dock would be rebuilt and modernized in 1917, 1921, and 1941, and by the late 1950's was considered obsolete, and was razed in the fall of 1963.
The condition issues of this historical, antique cabinet photo are that the corners are missing, and there is a crease about 2 1/2 inches that affects the left side of the image.
I have an overview of the image, and a close up of the dock so you can see the detail that this antique photograph captured of the work being done.
Please note that I have another view of the work on this ore dock also listed. If both are purchased by the same bidder, the second cabinet photo will ship for an additional 75 cents.
If you have any questions, including shipping, payment, and sales tax, please feel free to contact me.