Great Pair of Handmade Silver Mntd Wes Griffin Spurs!

is a great pair of handmade spurs from well known Texas bit and spur maker Wes Griffin. They are mounted with more pieces of handcut, hand engraved silver than I can count. The silver work on these is just as good as it gets. I guess you would call these the gamblers. They have a deck of cards, card suites, colt pistol, dice and the whiskey bottle and shot glass. His silver work and engraving, as always is second to none. The spurs themselves are engraved, not just the silver.They have an 1 1/4" band with a nice 2 3/8" shank with chap guard and a nice 2" 16 point hand cut hand filed rowel. This is a great set of 100% original Wes Griffin spurs marked Griff06. Very collectible spurs selling with no reserve! Please email with any questions and check my other listings for more authentic handmade bits, spurs, saddles, and cowboy gear.