GREAT PARKER 51 VACUMATIC DJ SET, 1944, beautiful!

Here we have a magnificent Double-jewelled 51 set from the second quarter of 1944; the pencil is undated, but it feels as if this pair has always been together: they share the same tastes in caps and solid gold - these are a pair of Heritage caps (gold-filled; nine parallel lines then a space; vertical indicia panel to the right) and both have solid 14K gold clips (pictures 3 and 4), as well as the pen's blind-cap ring (picture 5) and the pencil's cone (picture 6). All this trim is clearly marked '14K'. Identification possible via the David and Mark Shepherd book, page 89, with grateful thanks to that indispensable publication!

The pen's cap shows a couple of very shallow indentations, one to the left of the clip and the other to the right, just touching the indicia panel. These are hardly noticeable, but they're there (pictures 1,2, 10 and 11 - can you find them?). The plastic is excellent and the imprint, just below the two-tone clutch-ring, as clear as a bell. The pen has a plastic filler (picture 7), correct for Parker's wartime production; it will need a new diaphragm if you want to fill it. The nib feels like a medium and is quite reasonably smooth; I can't be certain whether or not it's contemporary with the rest of the pen.

The pencil is working perfectly, and the eraser is present though well past retirement
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