GREAT PICTURES AND THEIR STORIES - Books One thru Nine (1927, hb)

These books were designed to teach great art to children of different grade levels.
BOOK ONE - FIRST GRADE Baby Stuart Nurse and Child The Calmady Children Madonna of the Chair With Grandma Children of the Shell Princess Margarita Theresia Feeding her Birds Children of the Sea The Holy Night BOOK TWO - SECOND GRADE A Holiday Mme. Lebrun and Her Daughter Don Carlos on Horseback The Boy With a Rabbit The Storage Room The Pastry Eaters The Age of Innocence Home Work Children of Charles I Sistine Madonna BOOK THREE - THIRD GRADE Miss Bowles Hearing Dancing in a Ring Angel With a Lute An Aristocrat Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose Return to the Fold Pilgrims Going to Church Going to Church, Moravia The Primitive Sculptor BOOK FOUR - FOURTH GRADE Aurora The Horse Fair Behind the Plow Venetian Waters The Sheepfold The Gleaners The Solemn Pledge Preparing for Church Going to Market The Blue Boy BOOK FIVE - FIFTH GRADE Spring Dance After a Summer Shower The Sewing School Russian Winter Return of the Fisherman Song of the Lark Santa Fe Trail Appeal to the Great Spirit Lady With a Lute Galahad the Deliverer BOOK SIX - SIXTH GRADE The Jester The Mill A Flower Girl of Holland View of Ghent A Dutch Interior The Fog Warning Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Christ in the Temple The Angelus BOOK
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