GREAT POSE Sixth Plate Dag Famous Person?? NR

NO RESERVE! Fresh from a Massachusetts home,

We are pleased to offer this fine Daguerreotype which is part of a recently discovered treasure of early and for the most part identified Barnes, Arnold, Marsh, Langdon and Appleton family photos. These "Dags", we believe, were taken by the noted Stockbridge Photographers Anson and Edwin Howard Clark. The lot of nearly two dozen cased portraits includes a half plate, a quarter plate and many sixth and ninth plate Dags, most of which are in superb and original condition. The Barnes family was a prominent and well known family in mid 19th Century Stockbridge. Three very early painted portraits of the Barnes family hang in the Historical Room of the Stockbridge Public Library. These images represent important documentation of the Clark's work in Stockbridge. Clark opened his Photo Gallery in West Stockbridge in the year 1841. In that same year the Clarks also started to manufacture t own Daguerreotype cameras. The Clarks are also noteworthy in the history of American photography because many of their original account books and other records amazingly have been preserved. These original mid 19th Century records are the most detailed of any known American Daguerrians and are housed in the Historical Room of the Stockbridge Public Library . THIS PHOTO: is a superbly composed UNidentified
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