Great Quality Vintage VS6 (Epiphone SG) with Professional Setup

Great Quality Vintage VS6 (Epiphone SG) with Professional Setup

In very good condition with:

Gloss Black Finish S olid Mahogany body Set Mahogany neck (not bolt on) with virtually no heel to aid playability Full Professional setup*

Featuring : Great range of Gibson tones 22 fret neck Chrome Wilkinson "PAF" humbuckers and tune-o-matic bridge Genuine Kluson tuners

There are a 3-4 small marks which have been touched up and a few light playing marks on the front. The rear has light buckle rash (hairline scratches), none of which affect playability

*Full professional setup included as follows:

Full inspection and check of all hardware and electrics. Clean, degrease and polish of all hardware and body parts

Playability Action 1.8mm on low E to 1.5 on high E string

Neck Truss rod adjusted and neck relief and tilt set

String New strings fitted (usually Fender 9-42) & intonation set

Pickup Height adjusted and set to Fender Spec

Nut Height & action adjusted/re-cut as appropriate

Headstock Tuners and string tree – removed inspected cleaned, lubricated and adjusted if appropriate, headstock polished whilst “bare

Neck Fretboard cleaned and polished, Frets polished and levelled

Body Cleaned and polished


Please let me know of any personal setup requirements and these will be incorporated free of charge prior to dispatch

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