Great Rare Vintage Darwin Safety Razor

Here we have:

a DARWIN hollow ground safety razor

in original box and with instruction leaflet

This Darwin Hollow Ground Safety Razor is in excellent condition and has the English Patent No. 397334

Canadian Patent No. 341200 with Foreign Patent pending.

Canadian Patent was granted in 1933

The Razor was invented by William Brown of Darwin ’s Ltd, Fitzwilliam Works, Sheffield , England and is housed in a Sheffield polished stainless steel case, hinged at the top and opens with a push button at the bottom.

Inside the case is the Razor itself with a small screwdriver housed in the handle, Blade in holder, Stropping clip, Strop (Fine on one side Coarse on the other), Lever locking strop unit, Blade container with second blade.

All parts are marked with the Darwin name. Extra blade included.

There is also included a small cardboard box containing 2 metal tubes of hone and strop paste.
***** Worldwide postage $30 airmail (heavy item), I would be happy to combine shipping ***** Feel free to ask for more information if needed
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