Great Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top w/Feed Sacks #H526

Great Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top w/Feed Sacks #H526.

IT IS DISPLAYED ON A KING BED. If you enjoy collecting the really

great vintage Double Wedding Ring pattern quilt tops, then you will really

love this one especially if you are very partial to the vintage printed feed

sack fabrics. It has lots of great vintage printed feed sacks utilized in it.

I have photographed some samples for you. It has been all machine

pieced and I have photographed a sample of that stitching for you,too. I

found a couple of very small areas of storage spots and one worn

area at the very top. This is demonstrated in the very last photograph.

There is also one area where I pulled off a piece of masking tape at the

very bottom which left a little residue. These storage spots should easily

soak out with that great old favorite magic potion recipe. If you do not have

one, email me and I will send you mine for free with no purchase necessary.

I also use the great product "Vintage Soak" to get rid of these little pests, as

well. Email me and I will send you the information on that, as well. This quilt

top measures approximately 70x88 inches.

If you have any Question about the Description or
This Piece, Please Email Me First, Before You
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