Great Vintage Navajo hand soldered sterling silver bead necklace extender.

A fantastic hand soldered bead extender piece from the 1960s, - 1970s. All completely handmade and this particular one even has old handmade hook and eye as well. These were purchased in Gallup New Mexico in the 1970s and am not sure of the age at that time. As you notice in the picture these beads are handmade and are all just very slightly different as is always true of handmade items. This particular one has 13 old beads and measures a bit over 5" long overall. These appear to be strung on foxtail chain and I'd bet the little round pieces which attach the foxtail to the hook and eye are probably stainless as that is what was normally used for strength. They should be extremely durable and strong. These have become darkened as normally happens with silver over the years. A great piece to use for extending that vintage necklace that you like to wear longer at times.