Grecian Style Post Office Box Doors (10)

You are purchasing a Post Office Box doors, lot of 10 . They comes with the glass intact, and the instructions to open the door with the message to the Postmaster: DO NOT ISSUE TO PATRON. The Keyless Lock Co. was one manufactor as well as the Oro & Corbin Co. View the images for what the LOCK BOX COMBINATION instruction card looks like as well as the door closed and open. If your looking for a certain number let me know and I wil see if I have it, otherwise the numbers will be random. Its possible that there may be some doors with keys instead of combinations. Please let me know if you want just keys instead, there easier to open and a spare key is included.

Elsewhere I have seen people make these into banks using what looks like vintage wood, perhaps from an old dresser or desk. If you would like to create one for yourself, you could remove the numbered stickers and either replace with new numbers, paint numbers on or even leave blank. If you buy more sets I will combine shipping for a reasonable price. I have two of these sets of 10 to sell. I've tried the combinations and the locks do work. Very solid pieces.