No Ordinary Crown the Biography of King Paul of Greece/of the Hellenes by Stelio Hourmouzios published in London by Weidenfeld and Nocolson, dedicted to his son Constantine II.
Starts with a retrospective view of the establishment of an independent Greek state after four centuries of Turkish domination, tracing through Paul's predecessors through the Balkan wars, first world war, the Asia Minor campaign and the bloody revolution which followed, the short history of the Greek republic , the communist isurrection of 1946-49.
Pauls life, working in England under an assumed name, secret visits to Greece as a deck hand on a friends yacht, frustration at years in Exile into the restoration of the monarcy, his return to Greece and his new exile when Greece comes under the occupation.
Both Biography and History, a portrait of a dynasty, a monarchy, a State, a People and an Individual, this book traces the turbulent history of the Greek nation and the Greek state both in a wider holistic historical context and punctuated by the intimacy and intricacy of one mans life dominated by history, Pauls story is one of a monarch and of a Greek, suffering the search for identity of a monarch in an age of revolution and the experience of nations in a time of turbulent history and changing fortunes.A great book, comprehensive
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