Green Day Live Concert DVD - 1991 Wigan, England - RARE

--------GREEN DAY-------- --Wigan, UK, December 21st, 1991-- It was the boys' first European tour. They were still spending most of their time playing clubs and small venues around Cali, and all of a sudden they were doing shows for packed houses in the UK. This was long before all that "is Green Day punk or not," east-coast-American-punk-vs.-UK-punk rivalry bullshit started happening.
The particular show in question went down in Wigan, a town in Lancashire, England. It was a cold winter night just a few days before Christmas, but the rotten weather didn't keep people from filling up the tiny venue. No one can remember exactly what the club was called. It might have been the Rainbow; it might have been the Den.
The only sure thing is that it was your classic dark, greasy little club for catching all the coolest bands before they become too famous for you. one of the best, and most legendary Green Day shows ever. Includes Songs: At The Libray, Going to Pasalacqua, Welcome to Paradise, More.