Green Hornet Inflatable Plane 1967 Ideal STILL SEALED In Package MIP

We’re back! After a seven year lapse and a relocation of 2000 miles, we’ve once again begun offering some of the finest goodies available. As an eBay participant since 1998, hopefully you will remember us formerly as the OCR Center, selling the best toys and memorabilia in our store, at shows and also through eBay. You can in our abilities, procedures and integrity. To start off again, we excitedly present what possibly might be one of the best items we have ever offered:

Greenway Productions wished to have the same lightning that propelled the 1966 Batman TV series to stratospheric fad popularity hit strike once again, for in late 1966 20th Century Fox launched another prime time superhero show on ABC, The Green Hornet. Taking a much more realistic and serious tone, the series starred Van Williams as Brit Reid/Green Hornet. Probably the most important aspect to emerge from the show was that Bruce Lee and his fantastic martial arts skills were presented to the audience. Bruce went on to become a world-wide sensation. Though the Hornet had his own custom car, the Black Beauty, there were not a lot of other gizmos featured on the show. Hence, there not a lot of Green Hornet toys produced that had literal ties to what was seen on the show.

The Green Hornet show lasted only a single season due to low viewership. A sizable number

Even though there was no such airplane on the series, this vinyl toy could be blown up into a rather large, swept wing green jet plane that really looks like the inflatable Batplane also made by Ideal. This Green Hornet version is adorned with the familiar Green Hornet logo, title and even a Green Hornet portrait. Best of all, this plane is STILL SEALED inside the original header package! To be absolutely honest, in nearly 30 years of collecting we have seen exactly two of these toys that remain still sealed (and the other example is in a major collection, never to be sold). Ideal made a host of other inflatable character toys, most designed for use in a swimming pool.

In unused condition, the actual toy available here has never been removed from its packaging and is therefore assumed to be in Mint, C10 grade. However, the packaging itself shows visible flaws. Affixed to the full color, two-sided header, the thin bag is hazy from age, has a short abrasion on one side but still displays all of the warning printing on the versa. That header card shows a good amount of embedded soiling, perhaps blow-by from an oil furnace. All the corners are rounded and/or slightly bent. One rack hanger hole was punched by the factory but at some point a second, slightly larger hole was added above the first. That second hole, very close to the top fold, is torn at the very top. Three staples hold the header to the baggie and those staples are rusted with some rust bleed onto the card. Perhaps worst of all, though, is a hand written "199" pricing done in marker on the front side.

Having said all that, this piece is still very displayable and desirable. As we said, in terms of rarity, it is near the peak of collecting. A seldom seen, still sealed Green Hornet Plane in this overall condition will make a dramatic focal point in any collection. Taken together, then, we grade the overall item as a solid C7, downgraded only because of the header card's condition. Be sure to view all 5 of the pictures we have included for this listing. The digital anti-piracy watermark legend across each of our photos protects your investment, as well as the time and effort we have put into creating these high definition, unique images. This watermark is not present on the items, of c...

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