Green Johnson Bros. Old Staffordshire English Gardens

Very Rare Color, Beautiful China

Green is a very rare color for Johnson Brothers china. I've got over 30 pieces from this set. I would call it a tea set because t are no dinner plates in this set.
These are labeled Old Staffordshire English Gardens Johnson Bros. England.
Beautiful china with only a few small niches or chips. One major line crack on the lid of one of the dishes. You can see it in the pictures. Otherwise these are in great condition. The green color is vibrant.
The set includes:
1 oblong serving plate
measurement: 8 inches by 11 1/2 inches 4 saucers measurement: 6 1/4 inches round 4 tea cups measurement: 3 3/4 inches round 1 tea pot measurement: 9 inches round by 5 1/2 inches tall 1 creamer bowl measurement: 5 inches
1 sugar bowl with lid
measurement: 6 1/4 inches 3 large sauces measurement: 7 inches round 4 extra large saucers measurement: 9 inches round 4 bowls measurement: 7 1/2 inches round 1 gravy boat measurement: 8 inches 1 large serving plate measurement: 14 inches by 11 inches 1 large serving bowl measurement: 11 inches by 9 inches 1 large bowl w/lid measurement: 11 1/4 inches round 1 medium bowl 2 small saucers measurement: 5 1/2 inches round 3 extra small bowls measurement: 5 1/4 inches round If you need more pictures or have questions please contact me.
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